Let yourself be convinced by a large bridal bouquet.

15 February 24 | news

If the wedding dress is the essential element of the wedding, the bride’s bouquet is the finishing touch. Why? Because it’s the accessory you’ll wear all day and that will appear in all your wedding photos. So, it’s important to choose a bouquet that suits both your style and the atmosphere of your wedding. And those who know us know that big bouquets are our cup of tea! Let us show you all the advantages of choosing an XXL bouquet for your big day.

A regal look

A large bridal bouquet gives the bride a regal appearance, helping her stand out in the wedding photos without hiding her. If you want to feel like the queen of the day, a large bouquet is the best option.



More colors

A large bouquet allows you to play with more colors, shades, and textures. You can add flowers of different colors and sizes to create a unique and vibrant bouquet.



More flower varieties

A large bridal bouquet allows you to add more flower varieties to the bouquet. You can play with different types of flowers to create a dynamic and airy bouquet.


Cascade bouquets

Cascade bouquets are one of the most popular choices for brides who prefer large bouquets. They provide a cascading effect through the flowers, adding style and sophistication.



More flowers mean more fragrances

The more flowers you have in your bouquet, the more you will smell their scents. Your bouquet can become a key element of your day as it will accompany you everywhere, so smelling the flower scents is a pleasant detail not to be overlooked.

Unforgettable memories

Finally, a large bridal bouquet is a memorable and important accessory to keep to remember this unforgettable day. The bigger your bouquet, the more memorable and sentimental it will be in the years to come.



In the end, the choice of the bridal bouquet depends on your personal preferences and style. But, if you are still contemplating between a small or a large bouquet for your wedding, we hope these reasons have helped you decide. A large bouquet will allow you to shine in your wedding photos, add more colors and flower varieties, and make a bold fashion statement for your special day.

So, big or small, your bridal bouquet?